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This got fairly long, and I'd just like to say: everything I've written is just loose ideas - if you'd rather do something completely different, go for it! I'd much rather read something you enjoyed writing than something you had to force out to fit what I've written here. My list of dislikes is fairly short, and pretty much anything not on there is fair game.

That said:

- Plot
I really love romance that comes alongside casefic/adventure type stories. I'm a big gen fan, and I tend to enjoy elements of what makes a good gen story, even in shipfic.
- Worldbuilding
- Hurt/Comfort (more on the hurt side of things)
- Slice of life fic (especially in fantasy canons!)
- Slow-burn romance
- Character studies
- Porn, especially for f/f pairings (I have no problem with it in m/m or m/f pairings, but there is just not enough f/f PWP about)

- Most AUs
- Unexpected crossovers
- Mpreg
- I'm not a huge fan of non-con, though dub-con isn't a problem.

Chronicles of Narnia
The sign-up category is "All Media Types", so if we've matched on this I don't know which versions you're particularly into - just a note here that I haven't seen the newer films, and the versions of Narnia I know are the books and the BBC serial. This isn't going to be particularly relevant for the Aravis pairings, but I thought it was worth mentioning with regard to the others: if you're writing Caspian/Edmund, please bear in mind that I'm not familiar with anything the films may have done differently from the books (and if Rilian/Puddleglum, that Tom Baker remains my headcanon Puddleglum).


Worldbuilding around Calormene society would be nice, and in the Aravis/Shasta case, how they adapt to how things are different in Archenland & Narnia.
Aravis/Lasraleen porn would also not go at all amiss.

Caspian/Edmund Pevensie
It would be interesting here to see something dealing with how Edmund's moving between worlds plays into this? The different ways time moves for them between Caspian and Dawn Treader; the differences in their experiences of Narnian history; the effect Edmund having to leave Narnia/knowing he will have to leave has on them; their memories of each other either between Caspian and Dawn Treader or after Dawn Treader.

Prince Rilian/Puddleglum
Just, Puddleglum! Puddleglum in a relationship! (I love Puddleglum, can you tell? Anything with Puddleglum in it makes me far happier than he would probably approve of)

Discworld - Terry Pratchett

Mustrum Ridcully/Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax,
Gytha "Nanny" Ogg/Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax

THESE CHARACTERS; if you can write these characters pretty much anything you do will make me happy. Especially if it involves lots of conversation and Granny being Weatherwaxish.
(Probably not smut, but if you can pull that off you have my respect)

The Lord of the Rings/
The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien

Putting these two together because it's all Tolkien, and my general Tolkien feelings are, well, my general Tolkien feelings, so there's not much point writing them out twice.
My general Tolkien feelings mostly consist of being very heavily invested in a lot of characters and their interpersonal relationships, but not shipping much in a sexual sort of way. This is especially true of m/m ships - there are a lot of Tolkien slash ships which I ship very hard but not at all sexually. I'm more open to sex in m/f pairings, though it's still not the main thing I'm looking for.
I'm also very much into Tolkien's own worldbuilding and fics that build on it, the history and legend and language side of things, and especially with regard to Men and Dwarves. (If you don't want to delve too far into that you're not under any obligation to, though!)

What I would really like here is something set before the Valar enter into Eä and take on the forms they have there - explore their earliest experiences and what their existence was like there.

Something happy, perhaps from when they were newly-weds, to contrast with (and throw into relief...) what canon will end up doing to them.

Craftsmanship and shared passions in that line.


Númenoreans! *waves hands about excitedly*
I always want to read more about the Downfall of Númenor - the whole of Ar-Pharazôn's reign is very much something that I would happily read many, many words about, so any bits of that you want to explore, give me them.

Boromir is probably my favourite character in LotR, and Aragorn isn't far behind; I just really crave more interaction between them over the course of Fellowship.

Gimli/Legolas Greenleaf
Post-canon anything.

Sunshine - Robin McKinley

Mel/Rae "Sunshine" Seddon,
Constantine/Rae "Sunshine" Seddon

(Combining these is also more than acceptable; I thought I saw it nominated as a threesome, but it didn't show up in the drop-down so I might have been mistaken.)

I'd really like post-canon fic for either/both of these pairings. The book ending leaves the options pretty open, and I don't have any firm ideas of what happens next (only that I want more, dammit) so pretty much any way you'd like to take it is fine by me.


I hope any of that made sense/was at all helpful. (Anonymous commenting should be enabled, if you have anything you want to ask about)

And thank you so much <3

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