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[First of all, huge apologies for forgetting to unlock this, I am actually a total failure at everything atm]

Thank you so much for writing for me!

General likes and dislikes:

- gen
- worldbuilding
- h/c
- character studies
- plot
- intense friendship and ust that doesn't *quite* cross the line into shipping

- Unexpected AUs

Fandom-specific stuff:

Anno Dracula (Characters: Any, thus I believe Kostaki, Genevieve, Mina, Victoria)
If Genevieve or Kostaki take your fancy, I'd really like to see some backstory fic, either focussing on one point in their lives (either warm or vampire) or a series of snapshots. The older vampires are just really fascinating in terms of the variety of different experiences they must have had and things they must have had to adapt to over the centuries, so anything that strikes your fancy there would be really interesting to see.
For Mina and/or Victoria, I'd really like to see more of Dracula's rise to power and/or life in his court from their point of view, as essential but less-than-ecstatic instruments of that rise. In the first book they're both clearly very important to what's going on in England without actually appearing very much, so it would be really interesting to have their side of the Anno Dracula story.
If none of that catches your attention, general world-building (with or without any of the named characters) for either Anno Dracula or Bloody Red Baron-era would be awesome as well, maybe if you can think of some aspects of society not covered in the books that would be affected by the whole vampire thing.

Dark Tower (Characters: Roland Deschain, Cuthbert Allgood, Steven Deschain, Jamie De Curry)
As you can probably guess from the character listing, I'm mostly interested in Gilead-era fic for this fandom, though if you want to write something Roland-centric, I'd be more than happy with it being entirely or partially main canon-era - tbh, part of the reason for requesting this fandom at all was rereading Wind Through The Keyhole and Sudden Resurgence Of Interest, so something like that nested structure would be brilliant if you're that way inclined though in no way necessary, especially if you'd prefer not to focus on Roland.
I'd like to see interactions between any of the characters listed, any other canon characters from that era you'd like to make mention of, and ideally some expanded worldbuilding on life in/the society of Gilead. I've included Steven both for if you want to include him in fic featuring the boys or if you'd prefer to focus on him and go back to the Gilead of the generation before Roland's.
Basically, I would really like worldbuilding filtered through character-study or character relationships, whatever aspect of that you'd like to focus on most.

Quatrevingt-treize (Characters: Michelle, Radoub)
I would really, really like to see some post-canon fic featuring these guys. Basically, at the end of the book, Michelle has her children back, but she's still not exactly in an ideal position to be raising them - and it seems unlikely that Radoub &co. would want to leave her in the lurch at this point. So, what happens next to les enfants du bataillon du Bonnet-Rouge and their mother, and what's Radoub's involvement in that like?
(I kind of ship it but that's not compulsory)

Aubrey-Maturin (Characters: Jack, Stephen, Sophie)
I would really like to see fic about the interactions/relationships between these characters - maybe all three of them, maybe any two. Maybe Jack/Sophie, and some scenes from their family life, maybe Jack & Stephen (this is the meat and drink of the fandom, I'm sure you can come up with something there :p), maybe Stephen & Sophie's friendship - or really any combination of the above, and how those relationships intertwine and fit together. Slice-of-life stuff is what I'm hoping for here, though if it develops plot that would be amazing.

Once and Future King series - T. H. White
This is the MY CHILDHOOD request, basically. I'm afraid I can't give you much detail for what I want here, not because I'm not keen on getting it, but because chances are I'll be happy with pretty much anything you do with any of the nominated characters, all of whom I do love dearly. I particularly love White's characterization of Lancelot, if you want to work with that.

A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman
Worldbuilding! Pretty please? An expansion of the setting of this, along with some glimpses of what Holmes and Watson are up to, and how they're different from their ACD counterparts and why, and what life in general is like in ASiE Britain, would be amazing. Bonus points if you can find a way to tie it into another of the ACD stories, but I recognize that that could be really difficult, so it's definitely not a requirement, just something that might be cool if you felt up to it.

Thankyou again, and much love!

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First up, sorry I didn't get around to posting this until after assignments went out - if you'd already come up with ideas before you saw this, do feel free to go with those, anything in here (apart from my fairly short list of hard squicks) is totally flexible and I'm sure I'll like whatever you come up with.

(People who actually follow my journal, sorry letters like this is basically all I use it for...)

Also, a note - obviously I am not going to give spoiler warnings for the historical RPF fandoms, but for most of my fictional requests I am going to be discussing endings/surprise twists/etc., so maybe don't read the sections on anything you haven't already read but are planning to?

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Fandom: Norse Mythology
Characters: Sigyn, Loki
Pairing: Loki/Sigyn
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2894
Also posted at: AO3
Notes: Yuletide treat for gloria_scott
Summary: Sigyn is holding the bowl.
The Lidless Eyes Of Night )
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Fandom: Helen All Alone
Characters: Narrator, Helen
Pairing: Helen/Narrator
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1931 
Also posted at: AO3
Notes: Yuletide fic for the_rck 
Summary: On the road into light, there is a heavy toll to pay.

Through The Void Of Night ) 
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And now Yuletide reveals are done I can crosspost all my fic...  

Fandom: Original (The Mechanisms)
Characters: Nastya Rasputina
Pairing: Nastya/Aurora
Rating: M
Wordcount: 757
Also posted at: AO3
Notes: Yuletide treat for [personal profile] cosmic_llin 
Summary: People don't often understand how Nastya feels about Aurora. Nastya is all right with that; it's not as if she cares much what people think, as a rule.

That she has Aurora is enough.

She'll Fly True )
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