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The baby swifts above the office door have got really big. And noisy. We stopped to watch them on the way to lunch - they've spread out from the nest to sit all over the top of the doorframe (shitting everywhere, of course - someone has put newspaper down under the nest, but since they've started venturing out it's everywhere, shouting. The parents fly by right overhead (as in, right overhead, there was a lot of ducking), and totally ignore all the people staring at them.
It's a pretty nice thing to have going on right outside the factory.

In other news, I think that one guy I teach English to has actually raised "boring life" to an artform. He seems genuinely baffled by the idea that someone might get bored of eating plain bread with nothing on. (This is particularly impressive given how utterly flavourless Japanese bread tends to be)


Jun. 1st, 2013 09:50 pm
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I'm seeing a bunch of posts either of what people have read lately or what they're planning to read, and on reflection posting my reading list sounds like a good idea both for getting me to actually read the stuff, and for actually making posts to this journal.

So, my reading list for June:

Already started, need to finish )

Audiobooks )

Things I have been meaning to get around to )
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Am coming to the realization that Oxford has kind of messed with my head, in that it's totally validated my innate tendency to assume I'm not doing anything well enough. It's really really disconcerting to me that in my job now people keep praising me and trying to be supportive and asking if I have too much work (I have hardly any work! I'm spending half the day reading totally unrelated things on Project Gutenberg, that is how little work I have.) I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It's just, for the last three years I've had a tutor on my back all the time, and even if I was working as hard as I could it wasn't good enough, and if it looked like I was slacking off there would be a smackdown, and "that's...not terrible" was basically the height of praise. And that actually works for me as an environment (because if you let me slack off, I will slack off). But it makes it really difficult for me to believe that people being nice are actually sincere.

(People say 'sugoi' and 'erai' and 'jouzu ne' and I panic, because they must be being sarcastic)

I keep waiting for someone to notice that I'm not doing anything worthwhile and they keep...not...

It's actually really stressful XD

At least I know where I stand in Oxford (even if it's in front of a grumpy Danish man calling me an idiot...)

(Also if you want me to write a 4,000 word essay in a fortnight, that I can do. What am I supposed to do with six months? How amazing do you want this essay to be? That long a deadline is far too much pressure!)


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