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First up, sorry I didn't get around to posting this until after assignments went out - if you'd already come up with ideas before you saw this, do feel free to go with those, anything in here (apart from my fairly short list of hard squicks) is totally flexible and I'm sure I'll like whatever you come up with.

(People who actually follow my journal, sorry letters like this is basically all I use it for...)

Also, a note - obviously I am not going to give spoiler warnings for the historical RPF fandoms, but for most of my fictional requests I am going to be discussing endings/surprise twists/etc., so maybe don't read the sections on anything you haven't already read but are planning to?

General likes/dislikes
I love:
hurt/comfort, both emotional and physical
character studies
complex relationships
friendships that hover on the borderline of shipping

I'm not massively fussed on:

Please don't write me:
on-screen or plot-central non-con
modern aus

Quatrevingt-treize | Ninety-three - Victor Hugo

I have a couple of requests depending on who you've asked for - if you're willing to write both Michelle and Radoub, something I'd really like to see is post-canon fic featuring both of them. Now Michelle has her children back, what are they going to do next? My personal headcanon has them sticking with the battalion and Radoub getting pretty involved in raising the kids (with eventual Michelle/Radoub though that's not at all compulsory), but if you have different ideas, show me them!
If you'd rather write Cimourdain or Gauvain, backstory fic would be great, maybe scenes from Gauvain's childhood? Actually, backstory fic for Michelle or Radoub would also be great.

Really, any fic for this fandom would be a wonderful thing.

19th Century CE France RPF
(Petrus Borel, Évariste Galois, Théophile Gautier, Gérard de Nerval)

BOUZINGOS (and Galois, we'll get to Galois separately in a minute)
I'm not going to get very specific here because honestly, I know this is not especially helpful, but JUST GIVE ME FIC ABOUT BOUZINGOS. You are more than welcome to include more of their contemporaries, these are just the ones I'm most interested in seeing central. It would be pretty cool to read fic centred around an actual historical event, but if you'd rather do a more general day-in-the-life sort of thing then absolutely go for it. Just. BOUZINGOS, MAN.
(This is all very 1820s/30s-centric, I realize, and if you're more interested in going a bit later, that is also fine. Especially Borel; I would be totally happy with literally any point in his life tbh)

Galois is a bit separate (though, contemporary, so if you want to put him in a story interacting with one or more of the others, YES, I LOVE YOU, but you definitely don't have to), and to be honest if you're confident enough to write about him chances are you know more about him than me - he's on here as an impulse WOW THIS GUY SOUNDS REALLY COOL so...yeah, this guy sounds really cool and I would like to read fic about him (and actual history, he is on my list of people to sit in the library and read up on but sadly I can't get to that list until I've done my actual work). Especially fic exploring the run-up to his death would be really interesting, but again, don't feel limited to that. 

French Revolution RPF
(Jean-Paul Marat, Georges Couthon, Georges Jacques Danton)

Let's get it out there straight off: Marat is my favourite revolutionary. Standard disclaimer that this does not mean I necessarily agree with everything he said or did, but he is definitely my favourite. This doesn't mean you have to write about him, but it does mean that if you have him in your fic at all, please don't be too mean to him?
All three of these are basically just revolutionary figures I feel are relatively under-explored in fic, and who I think are really interesting - so, while this isn't necessarily hugely helpful, pretty much anything you can come up with would be interesting. Exploring their ideologies and their political relationships and conflicts, whether with each other or other figures from the period; interesting episodes from their lives (Marat in the sewers? I'm sorry I only have specific ideas about Marat, please take these as illustrative examples, I'm just a bit pre-coffee at the moment and having a temporary and embarrassing blank on Couthon/Danton) 

Ballad of Halo Jones

This is another round of FIC FOR THIS FANDOM PLEAAASE I DON'T EVEN CARE WHAT but if you want some ideas -
Worldbuilding, ideally centred around one of the nominated characters and the world they live in. Someone other than Halo would be interesting purely since we already see some of where she came from, but further exploration of the Hoop or any of the other places she ends up, either during or after (where does she go in Luiz's ship?) would also be interesting. Character-wise, I'd really like to see backstory for Luiz or Glyph (actually, I'd like to see anything with Glyph; it feels like a certain kind of necessary poetic justice to Not Forget About Glyph); whereas for Toy I'd be more interested in canon-era fic, either on her own or with Halo. (Either Halo & Toy or Halo/Toy would be fine). Some nice messed-up Luiz./Halo could also be interesting.

Exiles Saga and Galactic Milieu - Julian May
(Rogatien Remillard, Marc Remillard | Atoning Unifex)

Rogi Rogi Rogi I just really love Rogi. Both as a character and as a narrative voice, so this is one of the times when first person fic would actually be great if you feel confident in that. I do think Julian May did something really good by giving him the narrative role but not actually making him the focal character a lot of the time, so if there are massive world-shifting events going on in your plot it would be nice if you could work with that. If it's closer to home and more of a character study/family plot/bookshop times/etc. then centre stage is good and I would actually love that.

If you'v matched hoping to write Marc, I'm sorry I'm mostly going to ask for Unifex - though what I would really like to see is something exploring Unifex's having been Marc. How he became Unifex; what it's like for him watching his own life and his families unfold again after that massive gulf of time.

If you want to, Rogi's interactions with either/both of Marc and Unifex would also be good.

Hornblower - C. S. Forester
(William Bush (Forester), Horatio Hornblower (Forester), Maria Mason (Forester))

Okay, coming clean here, if not baby's first slash ship, certainly baby's first slash OTP. I have been shipping Bush/Hornblower since before I encountered internet fandom, and one of my first great disappointments with fandom was realizing how little of it there was on the web. So if you would like to go some way to fixing that sorry deficiency, that would be amazing of you. If you'd rather write them as friends, that is also absolutely fine - Bush/Hornblower is very much one of those ships that is very much something I ship less in a NOW HAVE SEX way and more in a deep friendship/caring about each other/being Important to each other way that is really not that different between close friendship and shipping-shipping, especially since I don't expect them to be comfortable with thinking of themselves as being in a relationship, or with having sex. 
So. My ideal fic would be my ideal fic for all such pairings, which involves some form of peril and/or injury and then H/C ENSUES. (Guess which bit of the series cemented this as OTP territory? Yep, the leg bit). 

Having said all that, I would also be genuinely really interested in seeing fix about Maria - a character study, a day in the life, what her life and her relationship with Hornblower is like from her point of view. We mostly see her from his point of view in canon, and Hornblower's perspective on a woman is generally... a bit limited. I would really like to see more of her life as it is for her.

Oh, and as a final note: writing the technical nautical stuff is in no way required, but if that's something you feel you can do, <3
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