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I feel like I should note first that I haven't reread any of these in quite some time, and don't have access to any of the books except the Just So Stories (because public domain) and one volume (Charmed Life) of the Chrestomanci books right now, so my prompts may not be as specific or detailed as they might otherwise be.
(They're not going to be hugely specific anyway because mostly I am just...ANYTHING. ANYTHING WILL MAKE ME HAPPY)

Once and Future King series - T. H. White
I really love the Orkney boys' childhood shenanigans in canon, so anything in that vein you'd like to write would be brilliant. If you'd rather write them as adults, that's also fine, but I'd really like some brotherly interaction either way.
If you're looking to write Lancelot...well, to be honest I will probably be happy with whatever you come up with; I just really love White's Lancelot (I really don't care much for Lancelot in any other iteration, but I am all over White's). Kidfic would be awesome for him as well, or anything with adult!Lancelot and his relationships with other characters (anyone you like, nominated or not, as long as it isn't Galahad)

Puddle Lane - Sheila McCullagh
Literally anything you can do for this will make me happy.
(Don't think this is me not caring about this fandom! This is me just being so happy about the idea of fic that I can't narrow it down.)

Sophie Series - Dick King-Smith
I'm quite tempted by the idea of future!fic with either teenaged Sophie or with actual adult lady farmer Sophie, but if that's not your cup of tea, something in the approximate style and time-frame of canon would also be great. If you're writing future!fic, Sophie and Andrew as friends (or a ship if you want to do that) later in life would be really nice to see.
If you'd like to write Aunt Alice...honestly, anything you'd like to do would be nice. Backstory, or just scenes from her life, whether that includes her relationship with Sophie and the rest of her family or not.
If you matched on Tomboy, I will have precisely zero problem with whatever cute cat fic your heart desires.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
This is one of those fandoms where...just, give me more fic, and I'll be happy. I really like the worldbuilding in these books - both the series of alternate worlds, and the feel of the fantasy!England that's the main setting for Charmed Life and Lives of Christopher Chant and the fantasy!Italy of Magicians of Caprona, so if you'd like to do something that draws that out that would be cool.
If you've matched with me on Millie and/or Christopher, I'd particularly like Lives of Christopher Chant-ish era fic, though I do like them plenty as adults as well (especially Millie).

Just So Stories - Rudyard Kipling
Elephant's Child - Yeah, I was very much That Kid, and I have always liked the Elephant's Child and his insatiable curiosity, so if you'd like to play around with that some more that would be cool.
The Cat That Walks By Himself - What kind of places has he walked to?
Taffy and her parents - I have kind of been wanting fic for these since looooong before I even knew fanfic was a thing, because more Inventing Stuff please! And maybe something with Taffy's mum being awesome and doing stuff (aren't I helpful and specific? Sorry)

Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Either character studies or worldbuilding filtered through one (or more) of the nominated characters individual perspectives would be awesome.
Fic centred on Nick or Elli's lives would be really interesting; either set in the Old Kingdom or in Ancelstierre (either setting would be interesting for either character, insider/outsider perspectives and all)
The Dog is the Dog and I love her to bits, anything you do with her I will eat up with a spoon.


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