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So, last month's to-read list:

Paris Between Empires 1814-1852 - Well, I'm now exactly halfway through? (I'm up to a. the beginnings of the July Monarchy and b. the pictures in the middle of the book)
Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara
Versailles no bara - Finished except for the gaiden chapter! I really really enjoyed it, too. New words now firmly embedded in my head and which I will probably not need in many other contexts include: count, severity, street-light, Your Majesty, fraternity. I will probably make a proper post about this later.
Le Comte de Monte-Cristo - Have concluded that I have no idea what's going on half the time, and that I have overestimated my ability to understand French audiobooks based on the woman reading the Quatrevingt-treize audiobook having a really nice clear voice, whereas this guy mumbles. This one can wait until I get around to reading a text copy.
Thérèse philosophe
Les mystères de Paris

Astounding lack of progress on most fronts here can be mostly explained by the fact that I read a lot of other stuff instead because I have the attention span of a gnat.

I haven't kept a list because a big chunk of this months reading ended up being "go to Project Gutenberg, blitz through as many things on or by Byron as possible". Which has mainly led me to the following conclusions:
1. I don't like Don Juan any more now than I did in school.
2. Childe Harold is okay, though.
3. Richard Edgcumbe is really, really overinvested in his Byron/Mary Chaworth shipping.
4. Actually, a lot of people are really overinvested in assorted Byron ships, Edgcumbe is just the most memorable because his involves fake pregnancies.

The rest was...well, mostly other random stuff off Gutenberg, Gallica, and Google Books. Several of the latter, though, either got mangled in downloading, or really were transcribed by a combination of bad text recognition and captcha, and not proofread by any human beings, because I was all excited about several things which turned out to be totally illegible :(

What else have I read?, I know there was a bunch but I genuinely can't remember. Except that I reread the first volume of Les Miserables. And a bunch of Jstor articles because I remembered that exists.

To read this month (maybe):

Carryovers -
Paris Between Empires 1814-1852
Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara
Thérèse philosophe
Les mystères de Paris

New additions -
La fin de Satan
The Divine Comedy

And more things from the (now even larger) folder of unsorted downloads.
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