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I'm seeing a bunch of posts either of what people have read lately or what they're planning to read, and on reflection posting my reading list sounds like a good idea both for getting me to actually read the stuff, and for actually making posts to this journal.

So, my reading list for June:

Paris Between Empires 1814-1852
This is one of the casualties of my doing most of my reading on the train to and from work - the 200-odd pages I've read so far have been really interesting, but the fact that it's a 562-page paperback and I have a bunch of smaller and lighter things to take to work with me is taking its toll. I should get back on it, though.

One of two borrowed books I really need to finish and return. This one particularly, since I've had it since November and am still only halfway through. It's fairly hard going, though - it's probably a fairly quick and easy read for a native speaker, but I have the two problems of a. reading a mystery novel in a language I'm not altogether fluent in is a bit of a struggle and I keep missing important details, and b. it is a historical mystery in which the main character owns a sushi shop and most of the mysteries involve fish. Guess what one of my least favourite things about Japanese is? Yeah, differentiating the kanji for different types of fish. Apart from anything else, the dictionary doesn't help much - I don't know anything about fish so I am not much the wiser with the English words.

Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara
This is the other borrowed book. I feel less bad about this one, since I borrowed it more recently and from a friend rather than a co-worker. It also seems like it'll be a lot easier to read - there are far fewer kanji, for a start, and those are simpler. And the setting means the vocabulary involves less fish and period clothing and more modern urban life. The story hasn't really grabbed me yet, but I'm only about ten pages in, so hopefully that will change.
(another point in its favour: it has a very cute cat on the cover)

Versailles no bara
The first volume of the manga is my current train book. I am learning lots of new words! Unfortunately, knowing the Japanese words for a bunch of noble titles is probably not going to be much use to me in daily life. On the plus side, I do actually understand most of what's going on, and as usual manga is so much easier to read than novels (yes, I am very lazy. No, this is not going to serve me well on the JLPT next month, which is another reason I should either go back to Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara or the actual N2 textbook, but hah, me, do something useful and diligent?)

Lumping the whole series together, because given that each volume takes maybe an hour to read, I think of them more like chapters than separate books, particularly since having them as .pdfs makes it far too easy to consume many at once. So yeah, this is the light reading and revisiting my childhood haunts and the associated whiplash between ridiculous weirdness (the latest was the maple-and-ginger instant oatmeal one, so yeah) and 'whoa that's really rather disturbing'. (I forgot how much I love these books).

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo
The only problem here is that while most of the chapters of this audiobook are fine my mp3 player refuses to accept the existence of Chapter 7, for no apparent reason. It seems to play fine on the laptop, though, so I'll listen to it here at some point...

Things I have open in tabs and need to either close or read already, dammit:
Thérèse philosophe
Les mystères de Paris

Other stuff:

That issue of SF Magazine I just bought, if only far enough to discover why it has Oxford on the cover.

I have a massive folder of various downloads from Gutenberg and Gallica I need to go through and work out what I want to read and in what order, because at the moment it's just ridiculous and I don't even know where to start.
Ah, the pitfalls of letting me loose on massive online archives. I read fast, but not fast enough to read All The Things. At least with IRL libraries you can see when your stack of books is getting stupidly oversized...

Oh, and I was going to make a start on rereading Malory and possibly have a stab at some Chrétien de Troyes, because I need to get around to that before I go back to England because Mechs-things (and preferably earlier because I HAVE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING is not a good place to be co-wrangling Arthurian stuff from, whoops)

on 2013-06-01 03:20 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] flo_nelja
I'm impressed by the languages you sleep. Is there more than English, French and Japanese?
(The only one I've read here is Monte-Cristo, which I liked. Oh, and Versailles no Bara too, but it was the French version)

on 2013-06-01 03:47 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] flo_nelja
In my first comment: read, not sleep (I guess I'm tired ^^)

I forgot everything of the Russian I've learnt, too.
But yeah, I'm very impressed. :-)

on 2013-06-01 04:20 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] flo_nelja
Thank you, but a lot of French people in fandom write in English far better than I an do. (It's almost mandatory, except in a few fandoms, to be read ^^)
I try to write fics in English, and each time I find a betareader, I cringe when I'm shown how many mistakes I make.

(And sometimes, I hope that when my fics have no feedback on the Les Misérables kink meme, it's for the grammar and not for the content ^^)


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