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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I'll start with general fic likes/dislikes, then move on to specific fandoms with those out of the way.

Things I would Like:
- Gen. I don't have anything against shippy fic - some of the requests you'll be seeing further down this post are shippy - but even when I've requested ship fic, I will never have a problem with it if you prefer to write gen fic with the same characters. When I ask for shipfic, what I usually mean is that I want a close relationship between the characters: if you'd rather that be friendship than romance, that is totally fine.
- Character exploration.
- Casefic
- Normally I would loudly say hurt/comfort in my list of likes, but none of these specific fandoms are ones where I'm specifically looking for h/c. I'm mentioning this here anyway, though, just to say you should definitely consider yourself as having carte blanche to hurt, traumatize and otherwise damage any characters you feel like. I'm not specifically requesting it but I will almost certainly enjoy it if it's where you end up going.
- Worldbuilding!
Things I'd Prefer Not To Get:
- PWP (none of the fandoms I'm requesting are ones where I want explicit sex much at all, but I won't object to it in the service of plot - but don't make it the focus of the fic, please)
- Non-con
- AUs
- Crossovers
- Issuefic
- Mpreg. It's about my only genuine really-truly squick.
- Crackfic. If none of my story suggestions strike you as something you can write seriously, then ignore them and write something different.
Now, on to the fandoms!

Cities In Flight
I've requested 'any' for this, because, well, any of the nominated characters are fine by me, and Chris can't really go in the same fic as Hazleton (unless it's an Amalfi-centred fic with timeskips/flashbacks, I guess, which would not be a bad thing at all.
So, in terms of the nominated characters list, if you want to go for any of these ideas:
Chris - The mention in Earthman, Come Home of Chris having been shot has always thoroughly intrigued me, so if you'd like to explore the events around that, that would be amazing.
Amalfi and Hazleton - I would really like something going into their relationship - whether as colleagues, friends, or as a pairing if you want to take it in that direction. Whether you want to set it during the books or otherwise, that's fine, though if you want to do it during either Earthman, Come Home or Triumph of Time, it would be especially nice if you wanted to include
- either an exploration of her and her character, or of her relationships with Hazleton and with Amalfi, and the effect she has on the relationship between the two guys. In terms of ships, any of Amalfi/Hazleton, Dee/Hazleton, and Amalfi/Dee/Hazleton are good.
Amalfi alone as a character study would also be interesting to read.

Worldbuilding: if you don't want to write any of those characters - or in the background if you do - there's so much that could be done with the setting of Cities - I'm more interested in the Okies pre-Magellanic Cloud than the settlement in Triumph of Time, but that's not to say that's uninteresting either. I would really like to see more Okie culture as well, or if you don't want to use the characters I've listed and would prefer to go back to They Shall Have Stars and explore that setting (and as a side-note, if I'd had more nominations space I'd have nominated Wagoner as well, so if you want to make something of that...).
One of the things that I really enjoy about Cities is the ways the time it was written in shows through sometimes, the way reading it now it definitely feels like a vision of the future from the past - not the gender stuff, btw, I am not a fan of James Blish on gender - but things like that scene, I don't know if anyone but me will remember (hell, I don't know if anyone but me is even bothering to read this so I'll babble as much as I like), but the scene in Earthman where Hazleton leaves his slide rule on the table? I love the fact that this is the kind of universe where immortal men fly whole cities through interstellar space - and they carry slide rules. If you're able to capture that without lampshading it too hard, it would be amazing (though I don't think it'll be easy - I couldn't do it, I'm too much of a 90s kid to be able to write the-future-as-seen-from-the-fifties).
Exiles and Galactic Mileu
Rogi or Claude, doing whatever you want to have Rogi or Claude doing. I don't expect you to get them into the same fic at all - I'd much prefer you pick whichever one you like better and run with him rather than trying to force them together. Though, if you have an idea that works with both, go for it!
Other characters are more than welcome if you want to do interactions - there are some I prefer you avoid, because I really don't care very much about Aiken Drum or Jon Remillard, but everyone else is absolutely A-OK (and if you really want Aiken or Jon that's okay too). Characters I am particularly interested in seeing are Marc, the Family Ghost (Rogi and both Marc and Unifex would be beautiful) and Dorothea at the Milieu end of things, and Madame Guderian at the Pliocene end - though, especially for the Pliocene, I like almost everyone. The alien characters (at both ends) are also really nice - and at the Milieu end, Intervention fic maybe? Something I'd really like to see is pre-Exile Claude, if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat.

The Flower Fairies
  So, here goes: I'm going to ask you for Flower Fairies slashfic. Okay, that's a little sensationalist - friendship fic would do just as well. But I really would like some form of Dogwood/Yew relationship. Specifically, what I want is a relationship in the past - basically, I ship this based on their respective poems: both of them have poems remembering having once been used for bows (Yew) and arrows (Dogwood), and both poems seem pretty nostalgic about those days - so, what I want is fic about Yew and Dogwood as a partnership in those days - as friends, as brothers-in-arms, or as a romantic pairing.

It's very much up to you how you want to work with how the fairies actually work - their relationship to their flowers and to the normal world and even to themselves (there are multiple fairies for some plants, after all, so whether you want to take that to mean there are multiple fairies for each plant, or that their personalities/appearances change over time or with the seasons, or if you don't even want to bother thinking about continuity for the Flower Fairies because you're a bit saner than me is up to you) Play with the world. In the event that you don't want to go with my bows and arrows idea, then if you could do some worldbuilding with the characters (and any others you like) instead that would be nice.

Just...give me Rivers. I am a massive Rivers fangirl, not going to lie here. Pretty much anything you want to write me with Rivers in it will make me happy. 
That said -
If other characters feature heavily, I'd prefer it be the more historical ones, particuarly Sassoon (I haven't nominated him not because I don't want him, but solely because I want Rivers more - if you'd like to write Sassoon as well, you are more than welcome).
If you're the kind of person who's interested in the actual historical figures (which I figure there's a good chance you are if you're offering to write what's really just WWI RPF) then as much historical accuracy as you can bring to the table would be beautiful - especially especially if it heavily involves science/medicine/academia/anthropology - which, well...if it did that would be lovely. Basically, the more you can geek out the better.
And, finally, thank you for listening to me ramble, and thank you for writing for me! 

Love and excitement,



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